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We're passionate about capturing your passion. From music videos to narrative work, documentaries, commercials, real estate, and more. Tell us what you want to create and we'll give you personal feedback and tell you how we can help.

A little inspiration! Here are clips from recent projects we've shot, edited, directed, produced, etc. Oh, and the music is an instrumental from my band Moonlight Social, which I also co-wrote, produced, recorded, and mixed. 

Jeremy Burchard Creative

As a lifelong creative, I've filmed, directed, produced, written, and/or edited hundreds of projects, including music videos, narrative television, shorts, unscripted television, documentary, live performance, interviews, commercial real estate, and more. And as a director/cinematographer, musician, and writer, I have a heart for creators and the creative process. I am relentlessly motivated to create something meaningful, no matter the budget. 

What makes working with Jeremy different?

Put simply, I understand where you're coming from. As a creator myself, I've been on the other side of the lens and microphone. I understand the nuances of getting a great performance and I understand what it means to just need to make it work

I have a heart for the independent, get-it-done spirit. I can help you take the project from a baby idea to release, or I can fill a vacancy in your crew to help you get the project across the finish line. We can work fast in a "run-and-gun" style, or I can crew up a team to tackle more elaborate setups.

Oh, and I have flexible ways to work with all-in budgets or for hourly needs. I charge transparently and fairly. Because there's nothing worse than worrying if you can actually afford to make what you want.

I'm centrally located in Nashville, TN. Click below to see more about my rates, gear, and skills. 

Stills from some projects

On set

Jeremy Burchard Creative
Jeremy Burchard Creative
Jeremy Burchard Creative


I'm  Jeremy

I've spent my entire life as a creator. I went to The University of Texas at Austin to study film and writing, and *shockingly* ended up using my degrees for just that. In addition to my work as a writer, director, and cinematographer, I've taken as many opportunities as possible to dive into every facet of entertainment. As a musician, I tour the country as the blonde half of the alternative duo Moonlight Social, co-writing, mixing, and producing our music along the way. In 2016, I relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.

As a freelance music journalist and Associate Editor for Texas Music magazine, I've interviewed and written about hundreds of artists, writers, comedians, actors, executives, and other personalities. In 2020 I've discovered I'm not particularly skilled at animation (it's a work in progress), but I'm pretty handy at producing livestreams. I also probably swear too much as a podcast guest.

I love any chance to put together a project, but I'm particularly fond of conceptualizing, shooting, and editing music videos — as a musician I always find myself gravitating towards very rhythmic edits and it's a cool fusion of two of my biggest passions. I also love doing scripted projects and am in the early stages of writing and developing a full length comedy/drama feature (that I'll also direct and have a supporting actor role in — I know, it's like, get over yourself, Jeremy). 

I'm a total gear nerd and spend way too much time on YouTube researching tech. I know you can totally make an amazing project with nothing more than an iPhone, but I also REALLY like knowing about the latest way to launch a drone through a car window. Because, you know, gear is fun.

When I'm not working with clients or on my own projects, I'm working with my brother on our startup company RootNote, which is currently developing a SaaS platform called CODa, which helps all kinds of creators track and manage their careers. (Like I said, I really, really like creating).

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